Selenite Door

Selenite Sunburst Door

Selenite Sunburst Door is made up of Selenite with a Sunburst design which make it more attractive and glorious. Selenite Doors gives a royal look to your Home, Office, Hotel etc.

We have best quality of Sunburst doors available and will also provide you on custom design on request. Please contact us for more details and enquiries related to Selenite door.

Why Selenite Sunburst Door

Selenite is a mineral obtained from the earth and known with many names like desert rose, gypsum flower etc. which is used in Selenite Door production. It is a transparent stone made up of calcium sulphate mainly, with a crystal structure and hardness so useful to create unique and strong things like door, table etc.


Beliefs Regarding Selenite

Selenite is consider as negative energy healing stone, so believers want to install Selenite Sunburst Door on their Home, Office etc. for protection from negative energies. Selenite also have some religious beliefs and it consider as a angelic realms connected stone, light and spiritual purity. 

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