Glass Inlay


Are you Looking for Glass Inlay or Thikri work? If yes then your are at right place. We are the best Glass inlay or Thikri art work provider all over the India. Glass inlay is an art in which pieces of glass are used to decorate the walls of the houses or any place. In this art form different kind of glass structures like, flowers, birds etc are designing by applying small pieces of well cut and finished glasses. The best example of this kind of work is can be seen in the palaces like the Sheesh Mahal build by the famous emperor Shah Jahan, also you can see these art work in Rajasthan palaces, or other palaces all over the India.
We have an experienced team which know the Galss inlay work from top to bottom. Our team uses best techniques and materials to fulfill the client needs and provide the best quality of Glass inlay work which will make your walls and structures eye catching.
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