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Marble inlay in muscat, On the off chance that you are searching for Marble Table Top in Muscat then you came to the perfect location. Marble tables and tops became the best option for every art admirer.

Attari marble is the leading maker and exporter of marble table tops. Individuals frequently love to have such tables in their homes, manors, lodgings, ranch house and eateries. Since it adds imaginative appeal as well as offers dependable solidness. Muscat is the capital and biggest city of Oman. It is the seat of the Governorate of Muscat. As indicated by the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI), the complete populace of Muscat. Governorate arrived at 1.4 million as of September 2018. The metropolitan incorporates six regions called wilayats. And this design work and playing of stone in different types of design and patterns.

What We Provide

We can tweak the work according to what you would prefer and furnish you with the best plan at the best cost. Our Marble tabletops assortment contains round rectangular, oval, square and octagonal marble inlay pieces of table tops. We consistently use Makrana Marble as the white base and Kudappa Stone as the dark base. The client’s prerequisite can apply to different bases. We utilize in excess of 30 sorts of mother of pearl, regular stones and semi-valuable stones to make the Marble. Decorate designs look more normal and fascinating. Our decorated marble table tops can be use in Conference Tables, Center Tables, Side Tables, Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, and Counter Tables.

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