Marble Inlay in Chennai


Marble inlay in Chennai. Chennai is also known as Madras, the command name until 1996) is the capital of the Indian region of Tamil Nadu. Situated on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. It is the greatest social, financial and instructive focus of south India. As data by the 2011 Indian detailed statement, it is the 6th most crowded city and the fourth-most crowded metropolitan lot in India. The city along with the adjoining locales establish the Chennai Metropolitan Area, which is the 36th-biggest metropolitan region by the resident of the world.

Attarimarble can give you flooring design work in your place. We can send out our work to any area of the world. Mosaic, Table Top, Mother of Pearl works, Brass Inlay on wood. Floor, Glass Inlay on divider Panel, semi-valuable stone works for insides. Wooden Inlay Marble Floor Medallions, Marble and Stone Carving Sculpture and the detailing flooring work for your homes. One of the most appealing things of beauty that comes from marble will work. It is the very work that decorates the Taj Mahal and other Mughal landmarks. If you are looking for great flooring therefore you are at the right place where you makes your homes

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