Marble inlay floor services by Attari marble specializes in marble inlay flooring services. We are experts in giving an absolute result for the grand spaces. For the last 25 years, we have had a great creative idea of the floor design as per the client’s selection. Because we mainly used a qualified material in our design-making process. We have to create a luxurious statement in the minds of our clients. We exclusively use precious and classic imported items in the design work.

While investigating marble flooring trims, it’s critical to find plans. That makes an unmistakable state of mind all through the space as well as supplements the style and wraps up of your home. We are giving you a sophisticated design with a class of materials.



When you are exploring the design and the multi-stylish ideas for the floor. Attari marble gives you the real definition of the classic and the novates floor. How to examine a design stone as per the selection view and make the grand design to your home by our artist is the main job of our firm. Once a lavish sketch is ready our artists are ready to change this sketch to reality.

Especially in the production of artistic work dissemblance and confidence in the design work craftmanship is the main part of our artists they are experts in the sensational way of flooring work

We commonly start with a story plan or estimations; a variety range; and a reason for the style. Of the floor. This last thing might be a temperament board, one of our assortments, a verifiable reference, or a sketch. From this discussion, we make an unpleasant format of the plan, deciding the thickness and size of the plan. Regions versus the field regions. With this data, we can assemble a financial plan for the undertaking.

Then, we make definite renderings of the stone trims for client endorsement. The line workmanship we use to make these renderings likewise coordinates the waterjet machine when we cut the singular bits of stone. This is the excellence of PC helped plan and assembling: The craftsman who draws your floor additionally defines the boundaries by which the stone segments are cut. This interaction gives fine subtleties like trimmed leaves, plants, parchments, and vegetation the tastefulness of a work of art

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